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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10, 2012 -- Update

Now that I'm on the website, updating my blog with Swagbucks information, I thought I would give a physical update of myself on here. Again, I do not use scales but will be officially weighed in about a week as I'll be going to the doctor. However, some of the physical changes include: I HAVE A LAP! Yes, I do! Some of my friends and I have referred to the lower belly as a belly skirt, well, in that case, my has shrunk enough to where I actually have a lap now. As a matter of fact, that part of me usually lingered completely over my upper thighs, but I can now see where my thighs begin below my belly. My thighs are also shrinking as I know longer have the huge lumps on each thigh where fat had bunched up. My waist is getting slimmer, my church pants are now getting to be too big and are getting longer on me due to thighs shrinking.

Continuing on, looking forward to more changes in the future!

Couponing through Swagbucks

Some of you may know, through Facebook, that I am a couponer. One way to make your coupons stretch even more is to print them through Swagbucks! It takes 8-10 weeks for them to credit to your account, but you get 10 points for every coupon you print and use through the website. For example, 14 of mine just went through, meaning 140 points! If you aren't a member of Swagbucks, click here to become a member: Swagbucks. You can click here to see the proof that you get Swagbucks for couponing as it's a direct link to the jpeg of a screenshot from Swagbucks.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Esteem Boosters

This morning, I overslept and didn't make it to church. This was a bit upsetting as starting my week without church is like trying to start a lawnmower without gas -- it just doesn't work. Since I had already overslept, I pulled the covers to my neck and went back to sleep for another hour or so. When I finally motivated myself to get up, I realized again, the cats were out of food which meant I needed to head off to Wal-mart. This was okay however as I needed to go get several newspapers for couponing. 

When I got into the truck, I'm driving down the road and realized how much easier the truck (my Dodge Durango) has been much easier to drive without my stomach hanging on the steering wheel. As you know, today's vehicles are equipped with power steering, but if you have a stomach laid on it, then it's more like manual labor trying to guide your vehicle throughout the town. So that was my first esteem booster.

My second esteem booster was when a girl I was in training class with at work back in 2010 had ran into me. She was like, hello and how are you, then looked me up from head to toe. She asked me if I had surgery. My response was, "surgery for what". She said the weight loss surgery. I told her, no, I did not, nor would I ever as I'm scared of knives and needles, plus I wanted to lose this on my own. Anyhow, she said I looked great, to keep up the good work, and asked what I was doing. Eating less... basically, I am eating much less as I stay full on protein rather than carbohydrates which make me sluggish and hungry 30 minutes later.

Anyhow, I wanted to share that with you today. I'm not sure of any pound totals as I don't weigh myself. I shared with my friends a few days earlier that I can finally measure my hips with a 60" measuring tape, which I haven't been able to do since my daughter was in diapers. There's progress, I'm aiming for more progress. I have a doctor's appointment on the 18th and will get my weight at that point. Otherwise, aim high and go for your goals! That's my motto. God bless.