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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Going to add some pictures to show my progress here. My major pic that I compare with is the one of March 2007 when I was nearly 500lbs. This first picture, I took at work in our mirror. I love the new shape!

This next one, I took after losing that 20lbs plus that I had put back on. I do NOT have all that chin, I actually have a neck now, haha. Don't know what's up with the face. I will do another one soon though!

This one is my most recent picture and I absolutely LOVE it!

Now, this picture was taken in 2009 when my sweetie and I first got together:

And this one was taken of us back in March. We're about to do some new ones for Christmas cards though!

So, now he and I need a new picture and I need a new full pic to compare to my 2007 picture. And I'm going to keep this blog updated because having people looking sure does make me work harder, LOL