Monday, July 19, 2010


I haven't neglected this blog, nor have I neglected my attempts of continuation of weight loss, however I am currently dealing with some life issues which have much of my life on hold for the moment. This shall be continued...

What Do You See In Them?

This is a question which I'm sure has crossed your ears on occasion at least once in your life. Imagine sitting together with a friend and you're discussing the love of your life, your friend is listening contently, and out pops the question, "Okay, so what do you see in them? They don't seem to be your type!" Or maybe they inadvertently ask the question while you're amongst a group of peers.

Is there some sort of drawn out criteria in which we must follow a path to the perfect person in our lives? It's not always possible for our friends to accept the person in our lives or understand what it is that we do see in them, however basing our judgment on outer appearance, lifestyles, or other elements in a person's lives isn't always the most intelligent thing to bring to a friendship. There's no rule book which says we have to accept the people our friends choose to fall in love with, however common standard would give us the acknowledgement of the person and respect them because that's who our friend just happens to be head over heels in love with at the moment.

Has anyone ever asked you that question and followed it up with, "But they don't...." Perhaps this is true, perhaps they don't fit the standards of previous people in our lives but realize this, those previous standards did what to us? They left us unhappy or otherwise we'd still be in that situation with those people whom fit our previous criteria.

The beauty of life is we don't always choose who we fall in love with nor do we choose why we fall in love with them. There's something about the person we are with which charms us and allows us to feel free with them. Life gives us the opportunity to be happy, but if we continue to live as we did, we will continue to live in our miseries. Change is a good thing and if our previous standards weren't making us happy, it's time to make those changes.

All of that said, this doesn't mean to start looking at the homeless man and smacking your lips in a manner of lust! We do have to set forth some standard in order to protect ourselves and our future. If your potential mate doesn't have ambition in their life or they're lazy in their standards themselves, it isn't said that you have to adjust to their lifestyles.

We seem to dissect people, pick them apart, and put their bad habits in a pile and tell ourselves, "Self, there is no way this is going to work because they..." How do you know that it's not going to work? Are you afraid to take a chance because the person before you is a completely different idea of what you had in mind? My suggestion is to take chances in life. We only live once and while our pasts may not have been pleasant, learn from those areas, use them to your advantage, and try something different for a change. The result could lead to your everlasting happiness.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Blahs of the Plateau

When attempting to lose weight, there's one thing we all do eventually and that's plateau, you know, the mornings you relieve yourself in the bathroom, do a few things around the house, and then step on the scales. The scales look at you, repeating the same number they showed you yesterday, three days ago, or even two weeks ago? I'm experiencing the plateau for the last weekend and a half now. This usually happens when Mother Nature comes in to torment me with her womanly duty, so I don't step on the scales out of habit to avoid disappointment, but today I stepped on there and the scales repeated the same number I saw a week and a half ago. Scales! You must move now!

The big question has been floating amongst the minds of my friends and even when I tell them, the concept hasn't connected with them as to how I'm losing this weight. It's simple. I do not eat processed foods. Every now and then, I may, but 97% of the time, I don't mess with them. It's simple. My daily plates consists of products which once walked on the earth or they grew from the earth. You may have heard of Michael Pollan from Oprah a while back. He has the philosophy as such, "You can eat junk food, if you make it yourself!" His idea of junk food are fried, sweet potato fries. I've made them twice, but prefer them to be broiled instead.

He has a book which is full of food rules and I follow his food rules. He says, "If it's been made in a plant, don't eat it." He doesn't care if it was once a plant, you don't touch it. Basically, you're living off meat and vegetables. I also eat eggs, but I don't touch milk. Did you know that milk is full of cancerous particles? I drink soy milk once in a blue moon, preferably the vanilla flavor, light.

Following his rules reminds me of the Atkins diet in some ways, but not all. You can compare them simliar, but not completely as the food rules don't count carbs, calories, or any of that. You simply follow his rules, your body will be cleansed, and you'll be healthier. You also lose weight.

Don't think it's that simple however because you also have to move your body! You have to get up out of your chair, off your couch, and move it! We were walking here, some light jogging as best as possible for woman of my size to do, but it's too hot for that. So what do you do? Hello Zumba! Yes, this wild and crazy, hip hop style dancing-aerobics that tires you out in 4 minutes. It's amazing, awesome! The first time I did it, I hit the floor in less than a minute. My muscle burns had their own burns. It really worked me up! I can last over 4 minutes now before completely exasperating myself. It's really high powered and crazy. Check it out!

So there's the story of how and those blahs I feel from the scales not moving. I know they will move again, I'm going to increase my movement and my water intake and hopefully I'll be reporting a lose on my SparkPeople page before long!