Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cooking with Broccoli Slaw

In the product aisle at Walmart, I'm always seeing a bag of broccoli slaw. I've been curious about it, not to make a slaw, but to cook with it. The bag has been sitting in my fridge for about a week and it expires tomorrow, so instead of feeding it to the wild rabbits which habitat outside my home, I decided to give it a go.

I first cooked my two chicken breasts, then added 2 tablespoons of butter and about 1 and 1/4 cup of the slaw mix to the skillet. I added in some garlic powder and onion powder (as I am out of fresh) and stir-fried this mixture together until the slaw mix was at the texture I was looking for. Once it was done, I turned off the heat and added in 2 TB of soy sauce and mixed it together.

I now have two very delicious meals as this turned out wonderfully! Very simple, nutritious, and  easy!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Demonic Scales

Last night, while going through my budget to determine what format of scales I could afford, a thought bubble exploded about my head and I've decided not to get any scales at all. I had a really nice set but for some reason, they quit working. I had the same ones before, which also quit working, but I liked them so much I gave it a 2nd try. Well, this time, I was looking through all the different options available to me. My first choice was to get one that weight only to 350 pounds so that my determination would be stronger to stand on them to get an accurate weight. I decided not to get any at all because my clothes tell me what I need to know, people around me let me know as well, and that's enough for me.

The reason I chose not to get a replacement set is because we become possessed with these scales. Every morning, we be sure to run to the bathroom to eliminate any waters or other build up which stayed in us from the night before, then we stand on it and mentally beat ourselves up because they either went up or down. So I've decided to stay out of the race to the scales for the time being. A friend up mine up in Virginia has a nice set and when I go visit her, I may step on hers to see how things are going, but otherwise, nope... I'm staying out of it.

Our clothes do not lie anyhow. For example. A few weeks ago, I bought two new pairs of "skinny" jeans in a size larger than I wear as I wanted them snug, but not too snug. They fit me perfect, but were big in the waist. That was okay since everywhere else they looked hot on this large body of mine. Even my boyfriend couldn't keep his eyes off me in them. Well, the first pair. I haven't even worn the black ones yet. Well, yesterday, it was back to the tug and pull up method. I wish I had bought them in my size now! So, whenever I find a good coupon to get as great a deal as I did on these, I'm going to buy two more pairs, but in a size SMALLER than what I wear so that I can get my time out of them. I'm sure I can re-sell them as they are hardly worn at all, but for the time being, I'm going to try to get two more months out of them with a nice belt or something.

One thing that I do notice when my body is changing, my waist goes before anything else. I love when my sweetie wraps his arms around me and pulls me into a hug because when we first met, we both laugh about this to this day, but we were standing quite a distance apart as I was nearly 500lbs! We laugh about it now because when he pulls me close and wraps his arms around my waist, we are so much closer, and it feels so good. When he puts his arms around my waist, I can feel how he wraps them around even more than before because the waist shrinks much faster.

I had to share that part because it's important to me to feel that after losing so much. Sometimes I wiggle into his arms just to feel the greatness of being so close after being so far away for so long due to the excessive weight!

Hope you all have a great weekend and perhaps, even yourself, will stay away from the scales for the weekend. God bless!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sugar Monsters and other Kitchen Nightmares

It's been a rough day for me today in several ways, the worse of all, those sugar monsters are trying to kidnap me and hide me in a dark corner with promises of satisfaction and happiness. It never seems to fail that when you have control of every morsel you put in your mouth, those monsters are sitting on your shoulders, reminding you about "a little chocolate in moderation" or "ice cream, ice cream" as well as other nightmarish yet familiar chants. Each time, I whack them without a vengeance, but it does not make this any easier.

A few minutes ago, I came so near to defeat as I grabbed a bowl from the cabinet, a spoon from the drawer, and headed for the seductive calling of those sugar monsters telling me there's nothing wrong with the familiar and yummy taste of a bowl of Raisin Bran. To some, this may have been a healthier choice compared to what I could've been craving, such as cupcakes or brownies, ice cream or chocolate bars, but to me, it's all bad, and I stay away from all of it. Especially milk.

Most would clear the cabinets of such luxuries but when you have a teenager with full-time teenage visitors, you can't destroy their routines as well, and deny them of what they can have when their bodies do not pack it on the way it does some of us. So therefore, the cereal and juices stays. Another said to me once, why not go on a low-fat or low-calorie plan? Here's the obvious answer to that. I have PCOS and the only time I can lose weight is by following a low-carb plan. It has nothing to do with an Atkin's phase nor any other phase because years ago, before that name even became popular, my doctor had told me drop down to a specific amount of carbohydrates.

Anyhow, just sharing some thought of how I am like anyone else and find myself in temptation for the forbidden. I will overcome these cravings as they are only temporary anyhow. I am boiling up a couple dozen of eggs as deviled eggs made with mayo, cream cheese, and a tad bit of mustard always does the trick of satisfying any type of craving I may have. So as soon as those are down, I'll get them set up, and instant snackage will be available!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shrinking Thighs

I just wanted to broadcast that my last few weeks are showing results. Typically when I go up to drop my tithes at church (as we go to the front of the church to do so), I have to turn sideways to go between the wall and the pews when going up. Today, I walked straight through. Mind you, I did touch, BUT, I went straight through and didn't turn to go through!!! This made me so happy, I did it AGAIN after church!! I have tears in my eyes writing that. This is a huge obstacle. Hopefully in a few more weeks, I'll report that my thighs are NOT touch the wall and the pew at all. Pray for me on my continued journey

Friday, March 9, 2012

What's On the Menu?

I am trying to get a better idea where I'm lacking in calories as it's been virtually impossible to hit 1800 calories, much less 2000-2500 calories that I used to eat and have better success in losing weight. It's scientific stuff, a website I used in the past and verified with a certified nutritionist in the beginning days of this journey. My body is desperate for calories when I eat less than 2000, so by using SparkPeople's food database, I've been logging and keeping up with these calories.

As far as today's menu, I had turkey bacon for breakfast with scrambled eggs and for lunch, I'm having the following:

1 chicken breast
1 cup of California blend vegetables
1/4 cup Alfredo sauce
1 oz cream cheese

Just like before, I've boiled the chicken breast, then drain and cook in butter until it's browned. The vegetables are cooked per preference or bag-instructions. Sometimes I add it all together, sometimes I don't. Today, I'm not. But the sauce is combined in the pan and poured on top of the chicken and veggies and it's actually pretty good stuff.

I'm not sure what I'm having for dinner yet, but I'm thinking turkey burgers or something. I've attempted to eliminate beef and pork from my menus as much as possible, which is the reason for the significant drop in calories, but I feel much better without them. If I get a craving for beef, I will satisfy it as my body knows when it needs beef (hence: low iron) and will let me know. Otherwise, turkey and chicken are pretty basic for me and I'm quiet creative with them! I'll share as we go!

Thank God It's Friday!

I've been laid off from work as of January 31, 2012 as the job I had (as well as those of 600+ others) was outsourced to an overseas location and because of such, it's been a good and yet a bad experience. The first two weeks, I was thinking, wow! Nothing to do, no customers with high cell phone bills to console, and I could get my house clean. Problem is, when you are used to a schedule, your body desires that schedule! Have you ever played The Sims? This is what I think of sometimes as I felt as if I were a Sim, waking up, going to work, coming home and doing a little of nothing, then going to bed and starting all over. Now that I'm unemployed, I'm losing my mind.

One of my previous hobbies, in another life, I enjoyed couponing. It was a game to me and since I have nothing else to do, I've taken this game back up in order to save as much as I can on items that we need here in the house. Let me say that again, "to save as much as I can on items that we need here in the house". I put emphasis on that as there are too many hoarders glamorizing a fictional way of couponing on a popular television station. It's fictional as there have been quite a few instances of fraudulent "coupons" on that show. Anyhow, back to the point, so this has been what I've done with my time since being off from work.

This blog may be my journey to a healthier lifestyle, but I share everything and I'm going to start sharing my couponing experiences on here as well. I have a few places I will be shopping this weekend and I'll share that with you once it's over. My most recent experience was at Food Lion here in North Carolina where I pay $2.92 for FOUR bags of Bird's Eye Viola meals. No, I don't eat this, but when you have teenagers at the house who love pasta dishes, it makes a great, quick meal for them and it actually includes healthy vegetables.

So be on the look out for that, as well as my continued progress with this journey, and whatever else crosses my mind. But yes, I am so glad it's Friday! Some times I don't even know what day it is and either have to go hunt down a calendar or call my sweetie and ask him what the day is. Sad, right? March is going to be a better month for me. As a matter of fact, nine days in and nothing's been done except two loads of laundry, dishes, and cooking! I'm going to set up a planner for every day this week so I can stay on point and get everything done. I'm beginning to feel like a housewife and I'm not even married nor do my sweetie and I live together!

I hope that you all have a blessed weekend. Mine will consist of cleaning house, going to a pre-pastoral anniversary at our church, and of course church on Sunday. I'm not sure if the teenagers will be here this weekend or not, but if so, I think I'll pull a game out of the closet and the three of us can entertain one another since being cheap is my new name since my income has been cut in half due to this layoff!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chicken and Salsa Recipe

I'm not sure if this has ever been made by anyone or not, but if so, awesome! I was throwing some ingredients together one day for lunch as I wanted something different as one thing went in, then did another until I came up with this Chicken and Salsa dish. It's really good and I eat it on a bed of baby spinach leaves.

2 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
1/2 cup Bird's Eye Stir Fry Pepper Mix
1/2 cup Salsa (find the lowest in carbs)
1 oz Cream Cheese

I typically boil the chicken in the skillet with salt, pepper, garlic, and pepper and then drain. Cut into bite sized pieces, add in stir fry vegetables and either butter or oil, whichever you prefer. Once all is sauteed together and chicken is a bit brown, add in salsa and cream cheese and let it simmer until the cream cheese is melted.

That's it! Serve it on a cup of spinach leaves and even top with a bit of sour cream and cheddar cheese if you desire. If it's for dinner and you want to add a few extra carbs, there are always black olives and jalapeno peppers. I've done it all!

Before you make this for a low-fat or low-calorie diet, please keep in mind I don't do either of those. I don't really follow a plan at all, I simply eat foods that aren't processed, etc... it sort of boils down to a low-carb diet, but I don't think of it as such. 

Here are the nutritional information facts in order are calories, carbs, fat, and protein: