Sunday, January 16, 2011


What type of tools do you use for your motivation or equipment to aid in your progress? I had came across the Nike+ gadget when I first bought my iPod Touch and was enjoying it, however it seemed to quit working for me. I don't like the basic pedometers which you wear on your hip, because they never seem to be adequate in detail. When I was using the Nike+, I joined a site called Earndit and had forgotten about it until they emailed me some promotional offers the other day. While looking around on the site, they showed another gadget which can be synced to their site, it's called the FidBit. I'm considering adding this to my need/wish list for the next month or so, but I'm not sure. A friend of mine uses a GPS watch which tracks everything she does, however, I don't have the $349 to spend as if I did, I'd be all over that. The accuracy of the watch, compared to the accuracy of the FidBit however, I'm sure they will vary.

So my curiosity is, what do you use to track your steps?

Another thing, as previous discussed, I'm planning on putting a Wii in the house with some games like Just Dance and other work out games, but in the meanwhile, we have Hip Hop Abs and Zumba videos (which both wear you out like you can't imagine!), then of course, add in the walking. I don't see the need of owning another treadmill or any of those gadgets because mostly, they become furniture or places to hang clothes. I had a treadmill once and got tired of it pretty quickly. But what about you? What type of equipment do you use and have the most success with?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mirrored Image

Plastered on the wall in the ladies rooms at work are these huge, nearly wall-to-wall mirrors in which you can see your entire self in. Last night, I came out of my stall, looked in the mirror and thought, a year ago, I would haven't even looked at myself as I wasn't pleased with my body. I'm still an overweight person, severely of course, however, I like the mirror now. I was standing there last night and looking at myself, measuring up where I'm having the most success in my weight loss. Right now, it's in my waist area and thighs and you can tell it. I get kind of disgusted still, however, because my thighs just aren't catching up with my waist much at all, but I do have a long way to go and therefore, I'm not trying to be discouraged.

In February, it'll be officially a year since I've changed up my lifestyle to becoming healthier. Evaluating the months gone by, I know there are things I could've done differently to "speed" up this process but at the same time, I remind myself, I'm not in a race to health because losing too quick can be as bad as gaining too quickly. As of December 15th, I've gone from 467 pounds to 388 pounds. Calculations show that as being 79 pounds. Figuring that in from November to December, that's an average of 7 pounds per month and then some ounces. Could I have lost more? Absolutely, but the question is, should I have lost more? It's only recommended to lose 1-2 pounds per week, so using those statistics, I'm satisfied with my current success.

What's more pleasing about this however? My clothing sizes are what I see the most change in. Let's put this into the public eye:

February 2010:
Shirts: 6X
Jeans: 40W (For plus size ladies, we know this is HUGE with a near 60" waist)

January 2011:
Shirts 3X
Jeans: 34W

The 34s are snug on my thighs as it seems all the Cheetos and Dr. Peppers accumulated in my thighs, however, my waist is perfectly fitting. The 3X shirts fit nicely too and the few that I have, they aren't draped over me like furniture covers.

I'm pleased with this. I'm going to make an effort to step up in my activity levels as this is my weak point since I'd rather sleep than get up and move. I have opportunity to move at work but have yet to do it because on my breaks, I'm glued to my phone talking to my daughter and my sweetie. One of the changes coming is I'm going to be buying a big screen TV and Wii in a couple of months, so I'm going to use that to increase activity rate and my workout DVDs are headed to the living room. This is a necessity because even my daughter needs movement in her life rather than being glued to the internet. Does anyone have any success stories with the Wii games? There's one about dance something that my daughter was telling me about, I have it wrote down, but something we're going to try out.

Anyhow, I'm going to close this so I can get ready for work. I'm not into making resolutions, but the changes I really need to focus on is eating at work and moving more. I want to see approximately 50 more pounds off by August. Who's in for the challenge? Meanwhile, I'm going to continue to admire my curves that I can see now in the mirrors at work!