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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Hard to Eat Enough!

I'm sitting here eating my lunch, which is another salad with chicken which I smoked on the grill last night and then entered the information in my LoseIt profile online. I'm finding it very hard to get the calories in that I should eat. You may remember in a previous blog how I mentioned that you can't judge a person by their appearance, let me give you a prime example. Yesterday, I didn't snack again and I even missed breakfast. This is where our metabolism problems come into play and unfortunately with mine, not playing very well at all.

In order to lose weight, you have to eat, you can't skip meals contrarily to belief. In order for our metabolism to properly work, we have to feed it the proper fuels. Does anyone else find this to be a struggle for you? You can eat all the salads you want, you can eat all the healthy foods you desire, however, if you are skipping meals and not snacking on healthy foods, your metabolism goes into a panic mode and your body will again, store fat.

There's no reason I'm not eating enough, because I have the foods available, but I think my mouth gets tired of chewing, my mind gets tired of thinking of food, and I'm just not hungry as my previous meal kept me full. One thing I was explaining to my friends on Facebook last night, I can make a salad of 700 calories, more if I put cheese or guacamole on it and that fills me up. I've made the salads smaller and was hungry within an hour, so I don't want my body becoming dependent on eating every hour.

What are your struggles with your plan? Please share your obstacles and how you overcome them.

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