Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 18, 2012 -- Food Facts

This morning I woke up hungry! I make a joke when my stomach is growling in the morning that I'm so hungry my stomach is eating itself, hence the sounds it makes. I try to eat no later than an hour when I wake-up, otherwise, I find it hard to get those last few calories in for the night. So this morning, I cooked breakfast for my sweetie as he was over and for my daughter. While they got the biscuits, my plate was simple. 3 slices of Butterball Thin and Crispy Bacon, sausage, and eggs which I squirted some mustard on.

Dinner, I simply had a salad, perhaps what you'd call a chef salad. Details below, of course. This salad, I added one of the hot and spicy 100 calorie packs of guacamole for extra calories and simply because I love that stuff. As you noticed, I'm no where near making my calorie mark at all, so the extra calories, plus the nutrients, it's definitely worth the great taste it added to my plate tonight! 

The past few days, rather than buying bagged salad, I've been using iceberg lettuce. Typically, I don't buy this lettuce as there's no nutrients whatsoever in it, however I get burned out on lettuce so easily that I have to mix them up, so for a few days, this is what we'll see. I'll probably get baby spinach leaves in a few day for a change of taste and texture. It's best for me to rotate them out in order to avoid burnout or to gag on my salad as I've done before!

I see that I had this saved but incomplete, so I'm just posting it and cut/pasting without any further information. This is the night I walked my first mile since being back in gear!

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