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Monday, June 18, 2012

June 17, 2012 -- Food Facts

Somehow I missed posting this last night, again, I'm going to work on that so that I'm not late. I slack when it comes to blogging, but it helps me stay on track when I have readers standing behind me. Most of you are my Facebook friends and I definitely appreciate your support.

On we go... I cooked out last night for dinner and as you can see, I skipped lunch. It was Sunday and it was hard enough getting myself to eat breakfast before church. By the time we got home, it was near dinner time, so a meal was skipped. I snacked on some high calorie pepperoni last night, trying to compensate the last calories, but not sure how well that worked out to be honest. I don't like to sleep on calories.

You'll see my "shopping" listed as an exercise. In a previous blog, I mentioned to you about the new app I have on my iPod Touch. I set it to start before as soon as I stepped foot out of my truck and left it on the entire time until I got back to my truck.

Calories: 1,712
Net Calories: 1,538
Carbs: 12.3
Net Carbs: 10.1 (Carbs - Fiber= Net Carbs)

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