Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Pedometer that Works!

How many of those clip-on pedometers do you own? I can count for of my own right off but I've always been disappointed with them. I'll use them for a while and toss them off to the side. For a while, I was using the Nike+ sensor with my iPod Touch, but the sensor gave out and I didn't want to get another one, so I was simply winging it without. I'm on a mission to burn as many calories as I can in the next months, so I decided to check out the app store on iTunes. I highly recommend the Arawella pedometer! You can get the free version or the $2.99 version which includes more features. Anyhow, this pedometer accurately tracks your steps as well as your miles walked and calories burned! You can put your current weight as well as your goal weight, your measurements, and your idea measurements. This app tells you what your BMI is even and you can check your pulse rate before and after your walks. The app allows you to create a playlist to use while your walking and it also has it's own screen locking feature as if you use the one on your phone/iPod, then it will shut the program off. I'm quite pleased with it and wanted to share this information with you.

You can click the link above and visit the app store for more information. Or just click here.

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